Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cartoon dolls a nd Birthdays

Just found another great resource for birthday parties. My friend wrote an article about birthdays and friends and how to handle everything. She is talking about wonderful ideas and activities for your birthdays. I think I agree with her main points.

When I was younger I always had a problem with finding "Stuff to do" fo my birthday party and if I only looked at evertyhign she suggested I would never had those problems. I would not even have to think about entertainment for my friends and how to make all guests happy.

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Abbott Andrew said...

I am so WITH you! If only I’d blogged it! You rock. Anyway. The other thing is the inordinate puffy sleeves (absolutely Gibson Girl) and here, here for the stomping feet with the sensible tennies underneath it all. So radical!

Altogether, some seriously brilliant trend-spotting.

Next, somebody needs to call someone on the spate of inexplicably attractive aging Gen-Ex-er men in comedies right now. I’m overwhelmed with their strange testosterone. Zohan, Love Guru, Get Smart, and I’m sure some sort of Jack Black vehicle. Just saying.Play Dress up Games